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Giant Vacuum Cleaner Coming to Town; Wants GOLD

So I happened to notice a giant two-page advert in The Boston Globe (owned by The NYT) this morning:
this ploy PRETENDS to be something like ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ but in reality, its a huge PM sweeps operation. (They’re set up at FIVE locations in the metro Boston area this weekend.)

Notice the vague terms!

Although there’s no contact names, this roving PM buying op seems to be a front for (or otherwise quietly affiliated with) Midwest Goldbuyers, Inc. (annual revenue of just $54,000 and 1 employee?) Abit more digging, this company is similar to Cash-4-Gold and the gold circuit parties; “founded by identical twins” Jake and Jordan Sadoff and their mom Judy in 2010.

They are, I sh*t you not, famous as Beanie Baby authenticators! “They have prided themselves on not only their extensive knowledge, but also their integrity and honesty in a sometimes not-so-honest market.” LOL Plushies.

o.k. ‘fess up – who here collected Beanie Babies? Yogi collects Trolls – I’ll count that and earn his scorn, too ;)

Sold Beanies… buying Gold. Is there a lesson here??

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