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Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle- Roger W. Garrison

Roger Garrison is an economics professor at Auburn University in Alabama, and a Mises Institute scholar. (The Mises Institute is just off campus at the university, but is completely independant from the university). Garrison’s contribution to economics is showing how three graphs that were previously looked at separately from one another can be placed side by side to create a powerful tool for understanding capital structure. This teaching aid can be used to show how an economy responds unsustainably to a credit expansion. These graphs are the easiest way to learn Austrian business cycle theory.

The slide show in the video is also available as a stand alone PowerPoint presentation, but I can’t give a URL for it. You can find it by going to Garrison’s web site and clicking on the “LvMI Lectures” link and then clicking on “The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle”. You’ll need Microsoft’s PowerPoint viewer, but that is free and only takes a minute to download. Doing a search on “roger garrison auburn” will get you to his site.

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