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And the mouthpiece mainstream media drumbeat continues

In what has to be the most-telegraphed event in financial and economic history, the mouthpiece mainstream media is making it clear that Bernanke is NOT going to announce yet another round of “QuantSleaze” in two hours.

Here is a link to a WSJ blog post on this very subject:

Then we have Reuters, singing the same tune as WSJ, here:

Finally, even Pimco weighs in and says Bernanke is about to tell the stock bulls (and other chandelier-swingers): “no more sugar for you”:

(Spock Conclusion): Unless this week-long barrage of mouthpiece mainstream media prepping us proles for no more monetary manna from the Fed is some elaborate hoax, designed to throw everyone off track, then it appears–according to DOZENS of news “pre-leaks”–that Berananke AIN’T gonna come across with no more “QuantSleaze” any time soon.

Yet, for some odd reason, the monetization mania party continues in all the casinos. Are the gamblers too busy drinking from the Everclear-spiked punch bowl to pay attention to the fact that the bartender is now shutting off the spigot?

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