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And now rumor has it that JPM may buy BAC

Whew, and for a minute there I thought that Uncle Thug was gonna have to go through all that pesky paperwork to convert BAC into Bonnie Ma, when instead he can just have his “BFF” and business partner (in various “Maiden Lane” shams), JPM, do the deed–with a little help from us taxpaying proles, of course.

At least that’s the rumor being floated on Wall Street and reported here:

(Spock Conclusion It pays to be well-connected to Uncle Thug. For, in this case–if this rumor is true–JPM could very well find itself to be the “Last Bank Standing”, and act as defacto “Mini Me Uncle Thug” to help implement Uncle’s various programs, schemes and scams to keep the Ponzi Monetary System alive for another few months or years.

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