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And if you like professionally-produced scroom videos

I have seen a lot of scroom videos in my days as a perma-gloomer.

However, the link below is to one of the most-professionally-produced doom-mongering shows I have ever watched:

Having stated the above, and while the video is chock-full of excellent information, including graphs, and historical information (even if it is a little too “scripted” for my taste), there are many conclusions that Mr. Wiedemer proposes with which I disagree.

However, you all can formulate your own opinions regarding some of the stunning claims made during this rather lengthy video (including predictions regarding interest rates, McMansion pricing, stocks, bonds and PMs) without my interjecting my own opinions on these subjects.

Also, please keep in mind that the video is also being used to promote that book “Aftershock”, but the promotion is done tastefully and there is still plenty of good information contained in the video itself.

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