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A bull market – in everything you don’t want?

Earthquakes Everywhere?

1811-1812 New Madrid

The three great earthquakes near New Madrid, Missouri took place 1811-1812 (December 11 (7.7), January 23 (7.5), and February 7 (7.7)). This was a very significant event and has been suggested that when this one goes, it will serious affect the economy. This quake was 10 times the magnitude of the famous San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that gave rise to the birth of the Federal Reserve. Since 1811 there have been major quakes above 6.0 taking place on January 4, 1843, and October 31, 1895. Since then, the largest quake has been only a 5.4 on November 9, 1968. Since 1990, this region has begun to be active once again and appears to be building toward another event of serious magnitude.

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Recorded history for this fault is scant. The Doom & Gloom boys have been predicting this to give way and split the country in two. Correlation studies for intensity appeared to point to another multiple event such as 1811-1813 ideally due about 2035 on the Pi turning point after this major Private Wave peaks in 2032. A normal frequency on this fault appears to be 41.6 years on the broad-band and 26 years on the short-band.
However, that is the ideal for the BIG one. The intensity turned up in 2006 so we are in what you would now call a bull market and we are likely to see foreshocks of greater than 5,0 leading into the 2035 target period. 4

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