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Sugar, The Bitter Truth

Sugar, The Bitter Truth

I don’t know where I got the link for this video. It might have come from someone on this board, if so, then- Thank you!

The video is 1.6 hours long and is a lecture by Dr. Robert Lustig, a nutritional biochemist at UC San Francisco. It’s gone viral and has had 1.5 million viewers so far. Dr. Lustig lays out the case that fructose is a chronic poison and is the cause of the obesity/diabetes epidemic. I’ve watched it a half dozen times and it’s changed my life. It prompted me to change what I eat and has lead to a loss of 20 lbs (with 20 more to go). I don’t think any diet can be successful until you’ve gotten as much sugar out of your life as possible. With the sugar gone, dieting is very doable.

I see all the fat people on the street and think to myself that they have no idea of the fate that awaits them: blindness, amputation, heart attack, kidney failure, early death.

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