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My business (which is relatively significant) has returned about 150% on capital

No lie, its doing well. For those that don’t know what I do, I help people get established in businesses here in New Zealand.

I deal with all walks of life from 28 year old scientists to 55 year old dairy farmers. Many have very diverse political affiliations.

One common thread among them all is that they don’t care to debate the “half full/half empty” side of things. They just want to control their future.

And their future looks better elsewhere in most cases, especially when they think of their children.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s very little “America Bashing” once you’ve left the country. You actually become saddened at the state of affairs and how things have regressed to such an unexpected level of decay.

For my part, I do not expect this trend to abate.

I truly hope that those on this board are staying ahead of the curve, or as the Chinese say “sleep with one eye open, one eye closed”

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