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Does O’Reilly drop acid?

So I was at the health club tonight, running my few miles on the treadmill and watching the nightly news programs on closed caption. One particular piece on Bill O’Reilly’s (ironically named) “No Spin Zone” caught my attention.

The topic was a poll just released, showing the following approval ratings for the various parties to the debt ceiling negotiations:

Obama -43% approval rating

Congressional Democrats – 31% approval rating

Congressional Republicans – 21% approval rating

Mr. O’Reilly is of course scandalized that the forces of justice and freedom are being so poorly received by the American public. And in the little PowerPoint -like graphical commentary, he says:

“Either the Republicans are not getting their message across, or Americans have decided that they want a Western European-style entitlement state”

WTF? The guy getting the best approval rating is Obama, who is proposing to cut $4 Trillion from the Federal budget over the next 10 years. Obama is the guy proposing increasing the eligibility ages for Social Security and Medicare.

IN what LSD-derived alternative universe is that adopting a European nanny state/!

Now, I am not a particularly left-wing guy. I spend my days wishing that Eisenhower could be dug up to run the country again. I have been able to see for years now that these kinds of cuts in SS and Medicare were a no-brainer for economic survival.

But this kind of crap I witnessed tonight isn’t even right-wing. It is just the demented ramblings of spoiled children involved in some solipsistic fantasy about their imagined superior values and self-reliance.

I was so flabbergasted by this on-air Owsley experience, that I had to get a copy of the video:

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