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Debt Talks Hijacked by Gang of Angry Children

One of the most frustrating lessons of childhood is that you can’t just throw a hissy fit and storm off every time you don’t get exactly what you want.

You can do this, of course, but you’ll soon find yourself playing alone, with no friends, or in a “time out.” So most children gradually learn that the tantrum mode of negotiation is, as a consultant might say, “sub-optimal.” And, eventually, if they are to become productive, effective, and practical adults, they grow up.

Except in Washington.

In Washington, it seems, some Americans have found a way to thrive in middle-age without ever becoming adults. And now these overgrown children are threatening to voluntarily force the United States into default just because they aren’t getting exactly what they want.

Who are they?

The Republicans and Democrats–especially the so-called “tea party” Republicans–who would rather see the US default on its obligations than compromise to reach a debt-ceiling deal.

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