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Why you shouldn’t fear the market’s next "Lehman Moment"

Avoiding disasters hasn’t worked. At least, not avoiding debt disasters. No matter what tricks the authorities do – monetary, fiscal, or unconventional – the debt is still there. And since all those tricks cost money…it gets bigger and bigger.

So how about this: Give disaster a chance to show its stuff. Let calamity have a go at the problem. Let’s all put our hands together and welcome catastrophe.

It’s coming, whether we like it or not.

So why not like it? Look, who really cares if a few big banks go broke? Who cares if Greece, Portugal and Spain – if it comes to that – are forced out of the EU? Who cares if the bankers don’t get their bonuses…or the speculators don’t get their pay-offs…or pompous officials don’t get to claim they ‘saved the world economy’?

Not us.

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