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The Truth about Corporate America’s Vaunted "Efficiency"

Scrape away the Human Resource Department rah-rah about “our mission” and how much your loyalty is “valued,” and what’s left? A paycheck and a sucking sound.

Let’s state the heretical obvious: Corporate America, you suck. We could count the ways–subverting democracy via your lobbying and campaign contributions, your sabotage of competition via regulatory capture, and so on–but what really matters is how you treat your employees.

We know: you really really care about your employees. Really. The propaganda would be laughable if it wasn’t so bald-faced. Do corporate managers really believe in the Big Lie theory, that the bigger the lie, the easier it is to sell?

Here is reader C’s experience of Corporate America’s transition to wonderfulness and caring. An outlier or “what everybody inside knows”?

Read more: http://www.businessi…6#ixzz1PYNwUmwH

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