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Real lunatics: 1) Obie, out of the blue, taps the oil reserve

Not that this isn’t a little late to ask, but WHERE THE HELL ARE THE ADULTS, RUNNING THIS COUNTRY?!

I suppose it’s idiotic, after all the crap that’s gone on in the last decade, to be surprised by any of this.

Count me as ‘headed towards 1’ on Eric Janzen’s “Mad Max to Mary Poppins” scale. If it falls apart, east coast bears are welcome to join the PulpCutters. Drift downwind down the coast to Maine, until you reach Monhegan Island. From there on down Baffin, it’s sparsely populated enough that you should be OK. If nervous, hand a left at Monhegan, head north up the bay through the islands until you get to the mainland, and ask for the logging operation that blows up outhouses owned by out-of-staters (speaking of adult behavior…).

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