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Jailed for unpaid parking tickets?

Last night an acquaintance got pulled over and taken to jail for unpaid parking tickets. Don’t know how many, but why is this a criminal rather than civil problem? In any event, I googled “Jailed for parking tickets” and hit the following:


I did not know that debtor’s prisons still existed. We are headed for strange times. It’s not that this shit is necessarily even picking up speed (although I sense it is.) What certainly is loosing ground is people’s tolerance for the authority figures doing this shit.

On a separate (off topic) note, I believe that about two weeks ago I posted a link to a fire that killed one of my son’s friends. (My son was the last to see him.) I am not sure yet, but his best friend took a spill off a balcony last night and got evacuated by helicopter straight from the campus. Don’t yet know if it was a fatality or not, but they had to retrieve him from cardiac arrest several times on the scene. In all cases, of course, serious alcohol was involved. If the kid does die, this is my son’s fourth friend/acquaintance to die while in college. I never knew anybody close to me to do this. This is a very dangerous age for kids, and these kids are supposed to be the ones with their head on the straightest.

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