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You Cannot Have Capitalism Without Failure

Capitalism is an approach to economics that is organic. Self-interest drives individuals to pursue wealth. Through entrepreneurship and hard work and ingenuity, an economy morphs into existence. Capitalism is the ultimate meritocracy; the smartest and the most creative and the most tenacious thrive; those who cannot compete ultimately fail and must find another way to be productive market participants.

That describes what happens in a capitalist system that has not been corrupted and gamed to the point where institutions are incentivized to direct more money and effort to lobbying for political protection, and less to competing harder and smarter.

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“You cannot have capitalism without failure.”

Jim Rogers, when he made that statement, was referring to the lunacy of using public money to preserve failed private enterprise in a “capitalist” economy. That is what we did, after all. We saved failed institutions, failed individuals, and failed thinking. That is wrong on many levels. But we went a step further: we saved dishonesty, criminality, and corruption. That is a far more serious proposition.

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