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Slate – The Calamatous 21st Century

This is pretty much what I will have to deal with going forward.

A few years ago, I after reading the Calamatous 14th Century, I figured that the 21st Century was going to shape up to be a nice series of human messes, just like that one.

Thus, I have already coined “The Calamatous 21st Century” to describe our upcoming adventure.

I’ve estimated by most likely time of death to be in the 2060-2070 timeframe, given that I’m stuck with some longevity genes.

The first risk is going to be hitting another Global Crisis War. Hopefully we avoid massive nuclear slaughter and can move forward with more pedestrial crises, such as famine, plague, and financial crises:

From Slate:

“This will be the century of disasters.In the same way that the 20th century was the century of world wars, genocide, and grinding ideological conflict, the 21st will be the century of natural disasters and technological crises and unholy combinations of the two. It’ll be the century when the things that we count on to go right will, for whatever reason, go wrong.

And yet in the coming century, these or other black swans will seem to occur with surprising frequency. There are several reasons for this. We have chosen to engineer the planet. We have built vast networks of technology. We have created systems that, in general, work very well, but are still vulnerable to catastrophic failures. It is harder and harder for any one person, institution, or agency to perceive all the interconnected elements of the technological society. Failures can cascade. There are unseen weak points in the network. Small failures can have broad consequences.”

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