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Paranoia Is Good For You

“I Lived. I Died. Now Mind Your Own Business.” — that’s how I want my tombstone to read.

What do I have to hide? Everything! Which is to say, every thing you demand to know from me is something I don’t want to tell you.

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Privacy is the single most effective means of preserving freedom against an encroaching state. Privacy rests on the assumption that — in the absence of specific evidence of wrongdoing — an individual has a right to shut his front door and tell other people (including the government) to mind their own damned business. This is a presumption of innocence. It is also the bedrock of civil society.

The act of slamming your front door expresses the key distinction between the private and public spheres. The private sphere consists of the areas of life in which an individual exercises authority and into which the government or other uninvited parties cannot properly intrude; traditionally, the home or family is offered as a prime example of the private sphere. Thus, historically, privacy has stood as a bulwark between the individual and government, between freedom and social control.

No wonder privacy is under vicious and sustained attack.…Is-Good-for-You

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