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Joe Friday: "Just the Facts"

May 13, 2011 Analysis from Chris Kimble

It’s Friday, and Chris “Just the Facts” Kimble returns for another Dragnet impersonation, this time with some thoughts on Financials and markets in general … and an ironic quip on diversification.

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Chris comments: The Financial Select Sector ETF (XLF) is breaking some key support, and we all remember that the direction of banks was key back in 2007/08.

The 500 Index, Emerging markets, China, Shanghai and Hang Seng are all on support that dates back to their 2009 lows.

With markets all around the world, testing key support from the 2009 lows, at the SAME TIME, it sure is good news that our markets aren’t highly correlated these days and that diversification is of real benefit! For the most up-to-date Kimble analysis, check out Chris’s blog: Kimble Charting Solutions.

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