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For a life of Affluence, you need to make $100k by age 35

It turns out $200,000 is the magic number. That’s when you’re considered affluent in America. And what you make in your 20s is a huge predictor of whether you’ll ever get there.

According to advertising agency Digitas, it’s much more likely you’ll hit $200K if you make at least $100K before age 35. That puts you into the emerging wealth category; anyone older and in that income bracket is considered aspiring.

Digitas pulled this research together after the economic downturn, after realizing that the core luxury consumers were the ones who made more money earlier. Those in the aspiring category no longer “felt rich” and identified with the middle class.

Emergers also have a better chance of being part of the coveted 1% who control 40% of wealth in America someday.

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