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Domination of Government, Decline of Self-Reliance

In nations dominated by Savior States, there is less reason to invest in community or self-reliance, because the government handles everything.

There is no need to pick up litter in your neighborhood, because it’s somebody’s job in local government to pick up trash. (When was the last time you saw anyone pick up trash or litter in your neighborhood, town or city?)

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There is no need to tutor your own child if they are performing poorly in school–that’s the school’s job. (This is what teachers hear all the time–“that’s your job.” Oh really? It’s my job to get your kid to do homework instead of surfing the Web or watching TV? How many parents even know what their child is studying, beyond the title of the class?)

If Grandma is lonely then the government should provide a van and staffing to take her to the government-paid senior center.

While many people profess to “get it” that they won’t be receiving any Social Security pension when they retire, exactly how has this realization informed their daily finances? Are they making the radical self-reliance adjustments needed to respond to the devolution of the Savior State?


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