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5-/ 6-Sigma Events in PMs and Commodities

Someone (forgive me for not recollecting) mentioned that 5- & 6-Sigma declines in Commodities are quite extraordinary. It would be interesting to see how many times that has occurred with ANY commodity price in the last 200 years across multiple currencies. I’m curious to know more, please suggest readings.

I suppose these events did occur historically with some regularity, in several scenarios:
1) where markets are small/isolated or w/ certain commodities exceedingly rare, suddenly experiencing import glut (manna from heaven)

2) more generally, at the end of war-shortages and with currency/trade stabilization (normalization)

3) at practically unique moments of discovery or technological innovation > sudden oversupply.

4) the disappearance of “the free market” : raiding & confiscation

Each of these reasons merits a chapter or two if not a volume of discussion, but I want to focus on PMs specifically. Please add any Dates/Events in any significant currencies/markets, or greater detail in ‘lesser’ currencies/mkts.

(Forgive my total ignorance of Asian PM markets. I’ve also omitted major mine discoveries in So. America, where the impact on refined Gold or Silver prices probably wasn’t global, but Silver discoveries in the Western USA likely drove several major currencies off the Silver standard. Furthermore, I haven’t bothered with the other PGMs but I do see very major price collapse events there, too. Lastly, contemporaries mention wild price moves in Platinum in the 1830s-1850s and I wouldn’t rule out peculiar & periodic cornered mkts in smaller cities in the Americas & Europe at various times in the 19th C.)

Chronologically, these events witnessed -25% ~ -80% Declines:
c. 1798: platina (ore), London (Speculative Collapse)
c.1803/4: platina (ore) on world markets (New York, esp.) (Speculative Collapse)
1805: Platinum, London (Technology; Oversupply?)
1812: Platinum, Paris (Technology & Oversupply)
1815: platina (ore) St. Petersburg (Discovery; confiscation)
1825: Platinum, St. Petersburg (Speculative Collapse)
1830: platina (ore) globally; Platinum in Paris (Oversupply, Speculative Collapse?)
1831: Palladium, London (Discovery & Oversupply)
1850: Gold (ore) San Francisco (Discovery & Oversupply)
1852: Gold (ore) Perth, Sydney etc. (Discovery & Oversupply)
1864: Gold & Platinum, NYC (Economic/Trade improvement)
c.1873: Silver, globally (Discovery & Oversupply)
1890: Platinum, globally (Speculative Collapse)
1905: Platinum, globally (Speculative Collapse)
1918: Platinum, London (Paris?) (Speculative Collapse?)
1919: Platinum, NYC (Speculative Collapse)
1920: Platinum, NYC (Speculative Collapse)
1921: Gold, Paris (?) (Speculative Collapse)

1934: Gold (?) globally (USA: confiscation)
20th C: generally, in local paper fiatscos – examples of confiscation, post-war & post-hyperinflation, with stabilization & resumed trade, etc. Dozens of examples? (Economic/Trade improvement; Confiscation)

1979: Silver, NYC & globally (?) (Speculative Collapse)
1980: Gold, Platinum NYC & globally (?) (Speculative Collapse)
2000: Palladium & Platinum globally (Economic/Trade improvement)
2008: Platinum, Palladium, Gold & Silver (globally ?)

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