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I Have Seen The Future….and it Involves Flipping Burgers

A job at McDonald’s may mean flipping burgers and mixing McFlurries, but for younger workers and those without a college degree, the positions also represent a path to the professional world.

Today, the chain hopes to fill 50,000 full-time and part-time jobs with the recruitment event. In New Jersey, 171 McDonald’s restaurants are taking part in the effort.

As they put out the welcome mat for job-seekers, McDonald’s owners emphasize that while the jobs are entry-level, they offer experience to those without a college education.

“Even if they don’t make a career out of McDonald’s, they leave here with skills: teamwork, business sense, customer service,” said Angela Adderley, owner of four McDonald’s franchises in Union, Somerset and Middlesex counties. “We empower young people.”

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