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Hardest States To Make A Living In

Though many economic experts say the American job market is back on track, some states are more firmly on the right track while others have pretty much fallen off completely.

Because these day, even if you can find a job, making a living in your state may be getting more difficult.

CBS Money Watch reported on a study highlighting just how hard “making a living” can be, depending on where, exactly, you’re trying to live. In the study, “pulled unemployment rates, average wages, tax rates and cost of living from all 50 states and found that the best places to find a job were not necessarily the best places to make a living.”

The point of the study was to look past unemployment rates to the amount the average worker makes, and then adjust for food costs, state taxes, basic services, and other essential and unavoidable expenditures in each state. Thus, in an expensive state, a higher salary gets eaten up more quickly than in a cheaper state. It’s not rocket science, but from this science emerges a better picture of how far a dollar earned will go.

Based on that MoneyRates analysis, the top 5 states for making a living might surprise you; the bottom 5, sadly, might not.

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