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Flew through Dubai a couple of days ago on my way to Kuala Lumpur. It’s fascinating to see a real estate bust so extreme that you can spot it from 10,000 feet up. Everywhere you look are see-through high-rises and half-finished highways. Some built on those brain-dead artificial islands. Stopped cranes were all over, working (or rather not working) on more semi-completed versions of the hideous skyscrapers. (Architecturally, the place looks like Las Vegas after a make-over done by Liberace.)

MEanwhile, inside the airport, it was like the bar scene from “Star Wars”. There were swarms of Aussies and Euro-weenies, herds of Indians, East-asians, sheet-wearing Arabs, and enough dashiki-clad Africans to have a Black Panther party convention. (Americans were quite scace – almost nobody there spoke the mother tongue as Tom Brokaw intended it.)

One striking thing, given that we were in an Arab country, is that not a single Arab was found doing any productive work. Apparently “work” is the answer to the question of why Allah created pakis, flips, koreans, and europeans.

Short the Middle East – there is no question in my mind that after oil is depleted, they will be returning to the level of sub-saharan squalor from whence they came.

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