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Sickcare Will Bankrupt America – And Soon

The costs of the U.S. “healthcare” system, a.k.a. sickcare, are rising at a rate that is three to five times faster than the growth of the GDP–when it’s growing at all. That guarantees sickcare will bankrupt the nation within a few years. Forget the Pentagon and welfare: what will soon bankrupt the nation is our out-of-control malignant sickcare system, a.k.a. “healthcare.” The runaway costs of “healthcare” are undermining the nation’s economy on multiple levels.

The people actually providing the care know the system is broken. It’s not “fixable” via minor policy tweaks are limiting payments to one slice of providers; the problem is systemic.

The country is in a tizzy over public employee bargaining rights and compensation costs, but few ask this question: What is the biggest cause of public employees compensation soaring to unsustainability? Answer: The costs of providing healthcare, which are rising 6% every year across a flatlined economy, and up to 11% per year for public employees.


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