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Gold, Oil and Dow: Death Spiral Update

This commentary, posted on the SafeHaven website, lists 24 points about the economic “death spiral” that is upon us……… Here are two of ’em:

5. The “Death Spiral” is: Falling Stock Market, falling Bonds, falling US Dollar. Could it happen? Well, Mighty Man has announced he is now shorting the Nasdaq. Bill Gross issued what amounts to a sell signal for his own bond funds, and Marc Faber says he no longer views the US dollar as a unit of account.

6. The bottom line: I wouldn’t be too quick to claim you know the Death Spiral can’t happen. All is possible. The professional speaks of what is possible. The idiot speaks of what he knows can’t happen. All is possible, including the Death Spiral. The current events of the Mid East have made the Death Spiral more possible than at any previous point in the crisis. Exponentially more possible.


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