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Fukushima and China

In the western world the consciousness of the catastrophic effect of any tragedy similar to Fukushima usually fades fast. A few months, half a year is usually all it takes. However this time is different– those famous 4 words. Or maybe not? The 100-something years old tradition of the West in the Far East was always to bet on Japan against China, which obviously makes sense. If the balance of power is to be preserved, the small island country is easier to control than the unbound giant. The West helped to crush the Boxer uprising and allowed Japan to occupy parts of civil war ravaged China. Perhaps that support went too far, as the quick strengthening of Japan in the Indochina lands vacated by France forced the West to start the economic war against Japan. Facing inevitable collapse the Japanese empire chose to attack Pearl Harbor. In that respect, while not the case, both Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima are seen by some as revenge attacks. Regardless, after the war the old policy was restored – always side with Japan against China. And now this balance of power is in great danger. Rising expenses and inefficiencies are making many Japanese exports […]

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