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Barron’s: ‘The Underappreciated Upside Risk’

“This little period of congestion in stock prices could hardly fit more neatly into the logically bulletproof case for a stall or pullback in the tape, one made here for several weeks.”

“The excuses to “sell on the news” are rife.”

“Strong corporate profits are both undeniable and largely priced into stocks; the Fed is the phantom bidder for stocks, but might soon back away. Wiseacres such as this column’s author are fretting over how optimistic the average investor has become and are busy being pretty cute insisting this means that the short-term outlook for stocks is not terribly favorable.”

“If the mid-2000s script plays out, it would suggest most of the upside from this economic cycle is in the books…”

“It’s tempting to look at the general bullishness of money managers and strategists, based on surveys, and decide to stake out the bearish opposition to the crowd…”

“The rationale for taking some profits off the table after the market has doubled…”

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