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Why Did the U.S. Military Buy 500 Fake Internet Personas?

Who is who and who is not, in or out of the matrix?

Why Did the U.S. Military Buy 500 Fake Internet Personas?

” Persona management entails not just the deconfliction of persona artifacts such as names, email addresses, landing pages, and associated content. It also requires providing the human actors technology that takes the decision process out of the loop when using a specific persona. For this purpose we custom developed either virtual machines or thumb drives for each persona. This allowed the human actor to open a virtual machine or thumb drive with an associated persona and have all the appropriate email accounts, associations, web pages, social media accounts, etc. pre-established and configured with visual cues to remind the actor which persona he/she is using so as not to accidentally cross-contaminate personas during use. “

JDA would like to take this opportunity to assure loyal readers that she is, in fact, an actual person. TLP can confirm this but won’t because he knows better than to open his mouth but he’s a real person too.

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