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The Worst Possible Investing Mistake

From The Daily Reckoning…

There are many mistakes people make that ensure they won’t get rich investing. In 2011, I think one in particular mistake will hurt more than others. I can sum it up by citing the phrase, “Generals fighting the last war.”

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I have come across many people in my travels who, despite a 50%-plus drop in the stock market from its peak in October 2007 to the March 2009 bottom, are still waiting for the market to crash. They missed one of the greatest rallies in the history of Planet Earth because they looked backward when they should’ve been looking ahead.

I know people who still think the housing market will crash. Yet housing prices are already down 30% from the peak nationwide. Housing is now more affordable than it’s been in a generation, as we’ve seen.

I know people who still won’t touch a tech stock, even though the tech bubble burst and hit bottom eight years ago, or who won’t even think about owning a Brazilian stock, because they lost money on one when Brazil blew up in the 1990s.

These are not dumb people. Most of them are successful in their chosen fields. But even smart people can get stuck in their views…which become outdated – and unprofitable – as the world changes around them.


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