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NOAA climate scientists cleared in federal investigation…

USA Today link

Research dissemination (outside corporate proprietary research) is conducted through peer-reviewed publications and grants. Virtually all of the databases used in climate research are public access, and virtually all important studies are duplicated (at least once, if not ad infinitum).

It is virtually impossible for some group of scientists in one location (e.g., East Anglia) to monkey with the data, without everyone else seeing it, and there’s no way in hell at least one grad student wouldn’t be blowing the whistle with concrete facts in his/her hand.

In other words, despite all the Fox hoopla, and the considerable percentage of Americans who are now convinced global warming was an academic fraud, the fact is that the case for global warming is rock-solid.

American politics has gotten very weird. The bright spot is that it’s mainly just here.

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