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3.9 Million Americans ran out of Unemployment Benefits in 2010

Last year, 3.9 million Americans ran out of unemployment insurance benefits, according to a new analysis provided to HuffPost by the National Employment Law Project.

Those 3.9 million are not necessarily still unemployed, and not all of them are necessarily “99ers” — people who exhausted the maximum 99 weeks of benefits currently available in 25 states — but the number offers a dramatic reminder that the longest-ever unemployment lifeline is still not long enough for some Americans to climb out of the deepest jobs hole since the Great Depression.

“These numbers demonstrate the grave nature of the long-term unemployment crisis and should lead all lawmakers to realize that it is imperative to put partisan fights aside and concentrate on job-creation efforts that are targeted to the longest of the long-term unemployed,” NELP lobbyist Judy Conti said.

The Congressional Research Service has estimated that as of October, roughly 1.4 million Americans have been unemployed for 99 weeks or longer, a tenfold increase from three years ago.

In December, the White House estimated that another 4 million would exhaust their unemployment benefits during the course of 2011.


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