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Professional Edition Schedule Update 9:30 AM ET

As of 9:30 AM, backup systems are in place and operational. I now hope to have the market update posted within an hour with Precious Metals to follow.

As of 9:15 AM ET I am in the process of moving  to backup systems. Estimated time of completion is uncertain. I will keep you posted.

Last night my data collection program failed and the charts in the daily market update could not be updated. In attempting to work around the problem, I installed a different program. That resulted in a series of cascading data and program failures which to this point I have still been unable to fully recover from. I had announced that the market update would be posted by 8 AM ET, but that deadline will not be met. I am now shooting for 9 AM, if all goes well. The Precious Metals update will also be delayed I will keep you posted. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

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