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Moral Ethical Money

Many of the readers here know what I’m saying below. I’m saying it again “simply” for a sense of clarity and definition and to attempt to ignite a spark of epiphonic realization. I would love to see the ideas here sent to our congress people. I don’t belive Ron Paul or Rand Paul have clearly created the position that the Fed’s use of fiat is an immoral insult to all who work and produce.

The consequences of global central banks creating “free money” is undermining freedom everywhere and insulting those who toil for their daily existence.

Bear brothers should become aggressive proponents for “morality and ethics in money.” During the early stages of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis,) Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters wrote a piece explaining that “money” is a measure of labor, toil, or services used in exchange for real property, tradeable goods, or services. Moral, ethical money is created by improving the human condition, the gross national product, or through profits in the exchange of goods and services (trade.) Russell stated that honest money = work.

Ayn Rand said “to make money is the essence of human morality.”

Federal Reserve Notes, created without the basis of labor, production, exchange of goods, or an expansion of the US tax base IS AMORAL!!!. The Federal Reserve is unethical. Every US citizen is cheated by this practice. The employment of “quantitative easing,” or inflation of the monetary base, should be an intellectual and personal insult to everyone who works, produces goods, trades and provides services. The Federal Reserve has a license to counterfeit a medium of exchange that should be inviolate… human effort.

The Federal Reserve is in breach of the most basic free market contracts. We have an inalienable right to know the value of our labor and production. We have the right to know that once we’ve been compensated for our labor that no government or bank can counterfeit “money” and dilute or destroy the value of our labor and production.

And worse yet, the practice of forging and counterfeiting “money” has gone global since the start of the Global Financial Crisis. World central banks have used their printing presses to liquify financial markets and flood illiquid bank balance sheets with new counterfeit fiat. The end result is that the beneficiaries of the illicit money creation, the global money center banks, have become dead men walking… the bank vampires; sucking the life blood of economic recovery from competing industries. The crippled banks have become a black whole where assets that could have gone to boost a recovery in real production have been evaporated absorbing bank losses.

As to the result of the bailouts, it is clear that there has been no upside for global wage earners …whether we look at US or UK home prices, Spanish unemployment, Asian food inflation, US household wealth, or industrial job levels worldwide. Food riots (and ensuing cries for revolution,) are the classic symptom of the disease which counterfeiting “money” unleashes. Tunisia’s toppling is now reverberating in Egypt. Fiat is not free. There is a price.

Lawmakers in free market countries turn a blind eye to the practices of the Fed and other central banks. They are either miss-informed, funded by banks, or ignorant. Passive validation of counterfeiting is a dangerous practice for anyone tasked as a regulator, lawmaker, or representative of voting wage earners.

The challenge here is to get the message right. Wage earners are being cheated by counterfeiters. It is amoral, unethical, and insulting. Tell your congressman, explain the situation in a “letter to the editor.” Demand change. Don’t get trapped into “arguing the “need” for bailouts. That is not the issue. The issue is that money was counterfeited to provide the bailouts. I will be using the ideas in this post to write to my newly elected congressman. They must understand that those of us who get paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, demand action. We want them to start with an audit of the Fed. We need to know how much counterfeiting has been done and the extent of the damage.

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