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FCIC report tells the truth (shocker)

Sorry if I’m a bit behind the curve on this. Work has been busy and I’ve not kept up with the board, nor the news.

Amazingly the FCIC report would appear to confirm what has been repeated here and at itulip for years ….. that the FIRE sector bribed the government regulators and partied until the wheels fell off. That Greenspan was criminally negligent, Bernanke foolish, and Geithner completely out of his depth.

Check out the NYTime link. I see the GOP representatives (FIRE lackeys) are preparing dissenting statements …. they still think evil lower income people aspiring to own a home created the problem. Where do they find these sociopaths ?

Here’s hoping this is lead story in all the newspapers and nightly news. Well I did say “hoping”. I’m also hoping it will re-focus the justified anger out there, but even less hopeful on that count.

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