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Who Ya Gonna Call if You Accidentally Shred Your Cash?

How about this guy…..

TAIPEI (Reuters) – A Taiwan forensic scientist nicknamed the “jigsaw expert” has helped one fortunate man recover cash he accidentally shredded, piecing together the remains of 200 bills in just seven days.

The man, surnamed Lin, dropped a bag containing T$200,000 ($6,600) in T$1,000 bills into his plastics factory’s shredding machine last month.

With the help of a local official, Lin had the shredded notes passed on to the forensics division of the Justice Ministry’s special investigations unit, which offers a free service repairing damaged cash.

There 30-year veteran forensic scientist Liu Hui-fen put all the notes back together in seven days, a task, she was quoted as saying, that was “difficult” and “required patience.”…edded-cash.html

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