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I don’t know who wins the Integrity Award for 2010 year but it sure isn’t the Fed, Criminal Bankers or our Government. They have raped pillaged and sucked out whatever hope or life was left in our stock market. Witness this past week when the market itself went into a virtual coma with the exception of a couple TURD holla’s. Here is a chart of this weeks activity. Why the hell did the NYSE waste 26 hours of human life by opening what has become a farce of a stock market? Take the frigging week off you douche bags. Ten point ranges and multiple up 6.66 DOW prints just to mess with people’s minds becasue the S&P low was a devil print 666? Ha Ha Ha. Eff you to the robots. Here is a picture of one of the remaining mafia families trading desks on Tuesday. Look at how busy it was at Goldman Sucks. This is a portrait of our stock market today. Thank you Helicopter Ben and all the masters of the universe that came before you. We as a country will not wake up until we enter Thunderdome. As for the youth of America. Merry Christmas to […]

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