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If Any PIIGS Did What Timmy’s Treasuries Did

someone’s gotta be wondering. If any of the PIIGS sovereign debt got drubbed today like little Timmy’s Treasuries got slapped down today… would anyone be buying their stock market here? No frickin way. There’d be blood in the streets.

and let me get this straight, the rationale for adding longs, or holding longs, is that the Ben Bernank is gonna buy more of those same bonds that got TRASHED today…

He Bought Treasuries Today… and the US Treasury mkt was routed, curshed, decimated. Rates have been up since QE2 started. Wasn’t the purpose of the plan to support bond prices and keep rates low. To quote a famous viral video, “Is this Disneyland?” Will we be told “Rates would have gone much higher and bond losses would have been much deeper IF we didn’t QUEEZE!” “And there would be less wealth and there would be less people employed and …”

Does anyone see this as a problem; this Treasury debacle?!?!!!

don’t tell me the bulls just “shifting from treasuries”. If they are, that would mean there was real buying demand for Treasuries… and its not showing up in the price. There’s so much SUPPLy (selling) of Treasuries, that QE2 cant salvage the bond mkt. This is a crisis. What has happened to every other banana republic’s stock market after their sovereign debt went into crisis mode.

Good luck fattening your Santa waiting for some illusory Wave Five rationalization or hope of a santa rally

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