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Chinese Take-Out (of the U.S. Economy)

Jim Willie sounds mad as hell…

The Chinese really must think the American strategy and behavior to be braindead and self-destructive. The US helped them assemble a manufacturing industry, replaced US income with debt, and finally faces the Grim Reaper in a national episode of systemic failure. The US leadership is as stupid and mindless as the population is driven by compulsive consumption over the cliff, as the nation faces ruin. The Jackass warning has been for five years that the Chinese experiment would end in tragedy, and that when a preponderance of USTreasury debt is owned by foreigners, especially a single foreign nation, the Untied States will lose its sovereignty. It is worse. It lost its vitality entirely. With its financial engineering backfire, the nation is broken from a sequence of repeated asset bubbles & busts. With its wartime economy, the nation seeks new enemies and prefers exports of weapons to productive goods. The nation is like a Sherman Tank sinking in a sea of quicksand with credit cards as banners flown, all overdrawn and canceled. The globe has come full circle from a century ago. The export of opium by Britain to China back then, the US monopoly on narcotics nowadays. Uncle Sam prefers selling contraband to legitimate industry.

A spectacular sequence of events has taken place with respect to China and the United States in the past decade. The disastrous outcome was extremely visible long ago to the competent economists. This article cannot fully discuss and analyze the entire sequence, which in my view took the USEconomy from imbalanced, debilitated, and on the verge of ruin in ten years to chronic insolvency, accelerated breakdown, and systemic failure today. The official policy toward China by the USGovt on bilateral trade highlights the incredibly stupid and irresponsible nature of American leadership, especially in economic and financial matters. Let this piece serve as an outline of ruinous self-destructive policy, resulting in a climax failure in the Untied States. At the doorstep to a much darker poorer place, with countless traits associated with the Third World, the US as a nation with its USGovt and Wall Street compromised leadership refuse to admit grotesque errors. They do what they usually do, create more money to toss at half-baked solutions, and create a new enemy to lay blame on foreigners. This time though, the Chinese object of criticism, rebuke, hostility, and retaliation is the largest USTreasury creditor. The counter-attack from Beijing after an amateurish display of ignorance and tantrums seems directed at purchases of Gold & Silver, along with developing a stranglehold on the commodity supply chain. The financial managers in China have found inventive ways to discharge vast amounts of USTreasury Bonds. Their challenge includes finding secure worthwhile investment locations for the over $20 billion in bilateral trade surplus they build each month with the US, a formidable challenge indeed.…t-of-us-economy

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