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Bubbles Americanus – Have We Learned Nothing?

This SeekingAlpha piece looks at how the “experts” are trying to get Mom and Pop back into the markets…an excerpt, then the link…

As noted here on a few occasions previously, while Congress considers whether to remove the central bank’s “full employment” mandate, it should also consider adding a “higher stock prices” mandate, the most obvious reason for which is that, while struggling with the former, it’s having much more success with the latter.

Of course, the missing ingredient for turning a 17% stock market rally into something a bit more bubbly is the American public and, as is usually the case, they’ve been noticeably absent in the early stages of what could be another stock market bubble in the making.

The question is, after pulling money out of stocks for years now, whether they’ll come back.

In this USA Today report, it seems that Wall Street is doing its best to try to make this happen, trotting out none other than Goldman Sachs’ (GS) Abby Joseph Cohen of the internet stock glory days to try to get those “animal spirits” in Mom and Pop investors to stir.


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