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80% of Job growth in November was temporary help

Companies Favor Temporary Help

This year, companies have hired temporary workers in significant numbers. In November, they accounted for 80 percent of the 50,000 jobs added by private sector employers, according to the Labor Department. Since the beginning of the year, employers have added a net 307,000 temporary workers, more than a quarter of the 1.17 million private sector jobs added in total (26.2 percent of all jobs added by private sector employers were temporary positions).

Temporary employees generally receive fewer benefits or none at all, and have virtually no job security. It is harder for them to save. And it is much more difficult for them to develop a career arc while hopping from boss to boss.

One Sacramento accounting manager said he made anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less while working in temporary jobs than he did at his former full-time job. He has also been without health insurance all year. None of his interim employers or temporary agencies have contributed to a 401(k) plan, nor has he been able to save much on his own.

The Atlantic Monthly provides its spin on the same subject, attempting to explain why this is not too big a cause of concern.

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