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25 Excuses to Rally in The New Normal

1. Bond Yields Fall. Stocks are cheap. 2. Bond Yields rise. Money is leaving bonds to buy stocks. 3. Bonds crash. Economy is booming. Buy stocks. Also the Fed owns the bonds and will monetize losses. 4. Retail sales are poor. Buy stocks. It was the weather. 5. Retail sales are rocking. Buy stocks. Since people didn’t have jack squat to do cause they are out of work, they bought stuff they didn’t need a lot. 7. A stock warns. Buy stocks. It was company specific. 8. A whole sector warns. Buy stocks. It is sector specific and stocks always come back in the long haul. 9. The whole market warns. Buy stocks. QE 3 is coming and the weather was bad. 10. Four connected people are convicted of insider trading. Buy stocks. The regulators care about you a lot. 11. All the remaining mafia families trade daily on insider information every day and no one does shit about it. Buy stocks. Just because, and they convicted four Asian guys. What the hell you want? Jeez. Leave the regulators alone. 12. Gas hits 4 dollars a gallon. Buy stocks. Just don’t look at the price at the pump. There is […]

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