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"Self-Destructive, Immoral and Just Plain Criminal Behavior"

These days, most folks insist that they want to hear “plain talk” with no obfuscation or gobbledeegook…

Well, here’s some plain talk about the Fed using debt to buy more debt when there’s no intention of paying off the original debt….

Here is the glaring hole in the United States Federal Reserve’s approach to what it calls stimulus, and what history will one day categorize as fraud: You can’t use your own debt to purchase more debt when you can’t repay the original debt. The crime is compounded when you know you’re never going to repay the debt. It amounts to treason to intentionally destroy the integrity of the nation’s money. The Federal Reserve’s ability to “purchase” U.S. Treasury Bills is completely dependent on the fact that there is no overseer above the Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve to call an end to such self-destructive, immoral, and just plain criminal behaviour.


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