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US to sell $60B worth of weapons to Saudi

The proposed sale “represents a powerful symbol of the robust strategic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia,”

The U.S. Defense Department today notified Congress it plans to sell Saudi Arabia as much as $60 billion worth of weapons to help confront threats from Iran and regional extremists violent.

The proposed weapons sale, which may be the largest to another country in U.S. history if all purchases are made, includes Boeing Co. F-15 fighter jets, attack helicopters and satellite-guided bombs, according to notices sent to Congress today. It also contains helicopters made by United Technologies Corp. and advanced radar from Raytheon Co.

Congress has 30 days, or until Nov. 20, to stop the sale before the Defense Department and companies proceed into more detailed talks with Saudi Arabia on contracts that, if executed, could extend a decade. Congress will review the proposed sale during its scheduled Nov. 15-19 post-election session.

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