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My Rapid Fire Tweets This Morning

  • Lee_Adler This is only Tuesday. The Fed and Treasury cash hasn’t even hit yet. Still have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to go.
  • Lee_Adler Stage 2 boosters lift 5 hr cycle projection to 1160.

Lee_Adler QE2 is irrelevant. QL 1.5 is all they need. It’s working just fine. That’s why they won’t do QE2.

<li> Lee_Adler The Fed scheduled a big pump job this week to piggyback on the Treasury paydown. They wanted to blow the doors off.

<li> Lee_Adler 5 hr cycle projection stable at 1152.

<li> Lee_Adler Mucho vibration in the 3 day cycle centered moving averages. Target range of 1152-56

<li> Lee_Adler 3 day cycle projection now looks 1156ish.

<li> Lee_Adler Beat by a penny. LOL <li> Lee_Adler ISM services 53.2 <li> Lee_Adler Last month was 51. thinks it will be 50. <li> Lee_Adler ISM Services at 10 AM. Consensus 52. Survey consensus range 50-55

<li> Lee_Adler The last 2 orange-blue cycle line crossover signals were nearly perfect. Wow!

<li> Lee_Adler They overshot the 2 day cycle projection of 1148. /

<li> Posted Image Lee_Adler The Fed will be buying 6-10 year coupons today. The question is how much. They need to buy $7.8 billion this week.

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