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Gold Needs More Irresponsibility

Finally got around to tracking him down, at Minyanville.
Note that this is from March.

Gold Needs More Irresponsibility

“The comedienne Anne Stiller, wife of Jerry and mother of Ben, had a signature line loosely remembered as, “If I knew you were miserable, I’d be the happiest woman on earth!” I have no idea what her position on gold is, if any, and I thought better of contacting her publicist for fear of winding up on one of those stalker lists, but her attitude toward others’ miseries always has struck me as redolent of gold bugs’ attitude toward the rest of humanity.

When we strip gold of all the mysticism, gold as a financial asset is really a very simple market: When expected inflation rises faster than the short-term interest rate costs of holding it, its price will apparently rise. A more accurate way of saying this is gold remains constant while the purchasing power of the currency measuring it declines.
. . .

The implications are astonishing: Years of ultra-low interest rates, global competitive devaluation of currencies, sovereign debt crises, and fiscal policy out of a Fellini movie have pushed gold so far but have been unable to push it further. The yellow metal needs an exponentially greater level of irresponsibility. Will you do your part?
. . . “

Here is a link to the recent thread on this topic, where I have a post linking to Simon’s old 2003 article on gold:

Bonds, Gold, and the real rate of interest “The key is that gold is tied to real interest rates”

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