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Gasparino vs. Roubini

Not sure why Gasparino would slam Roubini…..

Gasparino vs Roubini
October 11, 2010

Charlie Gasparino takes a swing at Nouriel Roubini today; I’m not sure why, beyond general unhappiness at the fact that Nouriel still gets a lot of respect both inside and outside Washington. Gasparino apparently conducted an “informal survey”, in which, he says, he couldn’t find a single investor who regularly uses Roubini’s research. He tells us nothing about the participants in this survey — who they are, how many of them there are — and neither does he tell us what he would consider “regular use”. (Note what he doesn’t say: that his survey turned up no subscribers to Roubini’s research.)

It’s not entirely clear what the point of this “informal survey” was, since all he needed to do was phone up Nouriel’s spokesman, who was happy to tell him that Roubini has over 1,000 institutional clients. Maybe it was just an excuse to start bashing Nouriel’s research output:


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