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No One Questions the Bureau of Liar Statistics, Why?

Sara Murray over at our competitor, Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ (ha! some competition), put up a piece today on the latest metro area unemployment rate data from the BLS (Bureau of Liar Statistics). Naturally, these numbers do not count the underemployed and those whom the BLS decided to not count as part of the labor force, i.e. discouraged workers. Add another 10% to those numbers and the picture of this depression would be all the more stark.

Has anyone ever considered the sheer insanity of dropping people from those counted as unemployed because they have found the situation so hopeless that they are too depressed to look for work. Why aren’t we questioning the gummit for presenting the data in a way that is so blatantly skewed toward under stating the harsh reality? Is it that we can’t handle the truth?

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