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But I Did Everything Right! (Blog)

This blog is two attorneys blogging about the law school employment problem.

Bearchatters will need a couple of definitions to understand this:

T3 = Harvard/Yale/Stanford law schools

T14 =Penn/Columbia/NYU/Cornell/Duke, etc. law schools (whoever else is in the top 14).

Back when I went to Duke law school, you just had to graduate to get a good paying legal job ($125,000 per year in NYC, for example).

Now, the legal market is a complete fiasco.

From the blogger:

“I have plenty of stories about classmates who graduated cum laude from T14 School of Law only to find themselves unemployed with $100k debt two years after graduation. Maybe I will share more of these stories with our readers sometime. That being said, I didn’t attend Harvard Law where everyone assumes will guarantee their graduates a lifetime of wealth and success. Well, think again.

I won’t give away all the details in order to protect the identities of everyone involved, but I know of someone who graduated from Harvard Law School and currently works at a motel. Not even a hotel, a motel in a seedy area where no one who graduates from Harvard Law School dreams of ever spending an hour of their life let alone the rest of their life. This HLS grad is forced to work there in order to have a place to live and to pay off the remainder of their student loans. I wish I could share more, but I won’t embarass anyone with specific details. Have any of you come across a T14 or even a T3 graduate down in the dumps? Please share in the comments.

Has Lifetime considered a sequel to Homeless to Harvard? How about Harvard to Homeless: The Postgraduate Years. Just a suggestion.”


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