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A 19th C. Platinum Price Chart, in Pounds Sterling

(Forgive me if I already added this elsewhere, it’s not visible in My Posts.)

Here’s a 19th Century price chart for UK inflation, the UK Metal Index, Platinum, Gold & Silver prices. Given the distortion of a Mint Price & Gold Standard, I believe that Platinum’s price history may be informative for patterns of free PMs on the open market, performance in inflationary & deflationary periods, and so forth. There’s better UK data for platinum in this period; contemporary US data is very spotty, hypothetical, etc. I’m still working on that, but I’ve included no USD$ data here.

In another unique historical Platinum chart, here are a few takeaways to consider:

1) Refined Platinum had about half the long-term volatility of major metals & the inflation index in the UK.

2) When Gold & Silver were money, Platinum was the leading Precious Metal. From the investor’s standpoint, Gold & Silver were simply Cash and not“PM” investments. So here’s the only refined PM price history, for a PM without monetized support/suppression.

3) As a Commodity, Platinum was relatively stable and appears to be a long term deflationary hedge. By the last Quarter of the 19th Century, Platinum became a vastly superior investment, dramatically appreciating in value.

4) Patterns & volatility in 19th Century Refined Platinum prices might be indicative for the hypothetical performance of Gold and Silver as industrial & invest-able metals. (Caveats.)

5) Platinum could be a proxy for a ‘free’ PMs in 200-year portfolio modeling, for performance, asset class correlation, etc. (Caveats.)

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